Published stuff

nb: these are just publications relating to Glastonbury. I’ll add links to other stuff eventually…

Savaric, Glastonbury and the Making of Myths: A Reappraisal” The Antiquaries Journal, 96 (2016), 101-115.

(The text is on this very site, under ‘Published Stuff’.)

“After the end: Glastonbury Abbey, 1539-1550” Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society 157 (2013), pp 72-93

“Grounding Faith at Glastonbury: Episodes in the Early History of Alternative Archaeology” Numen 59 (2012), pp 249 – 269

The Thorn and the Waters: Miraculous Glastonbury in the Eighteenth Century Glastonbury: Library of Avalon 2007

fascinating … a complex and highly convincing story” (Prof. Alex Walsham, University of Exeter)

detailed, scholarly and lively” (Prof. Chris Reid, Queen Mary College)

– it’s out of print, but it’s online here:

“Jesus at Glastonbury: A Newly Rediscovered Version”, Notes and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, XXXVIII (March 2016), pp. 1- 9 (with Paul Ashdown)

Not yet published…

Strange Alteration. A Walk across Time to Glastonbury. 60,000 word illustrated account of a nineteen-day walk I undertook in December 2008, following in the footsteps of a Yorkshire eccentric. As yet unpublished but online here: